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Automotivation has been repairing cars in Odessa, FL since 2000. We provide transmission repairs, brake repairs, tire services, and other auto repair and maintenance services to customers from Tampa Bay, and surrounding areas. Our team of well trained and certified auto repair technician is continuously providing the highest quality, professional customer service, and excellent satisfaction.
Auto repair services

Auto Repair Service

Obtaining an accurate diagnosis is just as important as auto repair. We auto diagnose the root problem of your automobile. We specialize in all makes and models automobiles, using proficient methods and quality parts to ensure that your vehicle stays in best shape.

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auto brake service

Auto Brake Service

Brakes are the crucial part of your automobile when you are on the road. Our experienced auto technicians fix all brake related issues in measured time. Just find us on your way to check whether your brake pads need maintenance and replacement.

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auto air conditioning repair service

Auto Air Conditioning Repair Service

Getting a car air conditioner serviced at the first sign of trouble will save you time and money. AC leaks are not only bad for the environment but can be damaging to your vehicle. Fix all car AC troubles at our auto repair shop.

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auto oil change service

Auto Oil Change Service

When you get a tune up for your vehicle based on our recommendation, you are investing in the long-term health of your car, saving you time and money. Our expert team suggests the best-suited oil for your car engine.

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emergency auto repair services

Emergency Auto Repair Services

If you are in great urgency and want instant auto repair services in Tampa Bay,we recommend trying out our auto repair service center in Odessa, FL and our skillful auto technicians will fix all your troubles at an earliest.

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transmission repair service

Transmission Repair Service

Transmission is one of the essential components of any working automobile. The transmission repair services in Odessa FL that we provide is different from any other that you have ever seen. We diagnose, determine, and troubleshoot in a short span of time without compromising the quality of our auto repair services.

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auto electric repair service

Auto Electric Repair Service

We can perform electrical and charging systems, diagnostic checks as well as replace your alternator. Come in anytime, and we will ensure your vehicle’s electrical system is running at full power.

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